Lena provides an array of professional and personal development services. 

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Are you having a conference, panel discussion, or area meeting and looking for someone to bring a bright, educational, and relatable feel to your event? Look no further. Lena has an amazing way of helping people see things from a new perspective, while encouraging them to strive for greatness.

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Business Development

Continued education and training is essential to a company's development. Lena provides and array of options for learning, from lunch and learns to regional team meetings, and/or full day trainings. Providing employees with an opportunity engage in learning activities and challenge themselves will always be a determining factor in moving a company forward. 


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Individual Development


Lena enjoys providing coaching for those looking to reach short-term and long-term personal and career goals. Lena is able to dive in and reach people on a deeper personal level, helping them get out of their own way. She's an expert on coaching individuals through difficult challenges in order to enhance their lives.

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