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     Emotional intelligence is a vital part of achieving success. Top leaders, top performers, and successful entrepreneurs value and display a high level of emotional intelligence. When people receive proper emotional intelligence training they are able to excel in high stress environments, resolve personal and professional issues from a healthier more productive standpoint, and work more effectively on teams. 

  • Leadership

  • Diversity

  • Inclusion

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Company Morale

  • Team Cohesion







Knowing who you are and what you represent is imperative to upward mobility. Self-awareness is all about recognizing your emotions, and having a clear perception of your morals and values. While also acknowledging and understanding how others perceive you as well.

Recognizing your emotions is only one part of developing your emotional intelligence. Being able to control and manage your emotions, especially in difficult or stressful situations, is next level. In today's world we are dealing with so much internal and external turmoil that self-control becomes vital. 

Diversity and inclusion is becoming a growing highlight of our world today, along with aligning multiple generation, and having cultural competency. No matter what industry you're in, you have to work with people of different ethnicities, backgrounds, and lifestyles. Empathy is learning how to understand one another and find common ground, no matter what the situation.

Who you know isn't as nearly as important as who knows you. Networking and relationship building is arguably the most important aspect of building a career and/or business. Emotional intelligence is a requirement for truly connecting with others on a deeper level and establishing long lasting business relationships that will catapult your success. 

Lena trains professionals how to understand, access, and develop their emotional intelligence–by providing high level training, sharing her personal experiences, and working with people one-on-one to breakthrough personal barriers.


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We had the honor of having Ms. Cohen as our keynote speaker at our annual meeting. She was dynamic, enlightening, enthusiastic, and informative. Our staff evaluation indicated that Ms. Cohen was considered one of the most respected speakers we have ever had. She made it a truly great event.I would once again recommend Ms. Cohen in a variety of capacities to advise and consult in business, government and nonprofit sectors. She has truly mastered her craft and would be an asset to any organization she is affiliated with.

Kevin Hill

COO, The Leaguers Inc.

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