When it comes to Lena's keynotes, her reputation precedes itself. She's known for being bold, energetic, fun, captivating, and content driven! She's able to create change with her personal stories and impact lives with her moving testimonies. This is  where she feels most at home. Sharing her life experiences and sparking change in others. 

Stop, Drop, and Roll

Stop, Drop, and Roll is an intimate straight forward approach to changing your life. Lena shares her personal journey of many trials and how she was able to turn those trials into triumphs. This book is for anyone trying to put out a fire in their life! If you are trying to elevate your career, relationships, personal life, and/or spirituality this is the book for you. Lena shares her top three life changing tools for success with this speech.

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EQ and You

More and more companies are beginning to learn and value the importance of emotional intelligence. This is especially true when trying to bridge the gap between several generations or trying to build a company that values diversity and inclusion. In fact, some corporate entities are placing EQ high above IQ when evaluating new candidates for hire or attempting to create stronger business teams. 


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Women's Empowerment


Lena's dynamic, unique, and exceptional life has provided her with an incredible range to which she is able to speak. Her heart and passion lies in wellness; any and everything surrounding the health of the mind, body, and soul. Her success and corporate background provides her with a strong ability to speak on business excellence and professional development as it relates to career advancement and entrepreneurship. In addition, her training and education in counseling allows her to speak on personal development. And her tragedy to triumph story of greatness deems her an expert in the areas of motivation and inspiration. So please contact her directly for presentation, panel, and keynote topics.. 

When you think motivational what do you think about? When you think inspirational who do you think about? When you think aspirational what do you think about? These are the 3 words I would use to describe Lena Cohen. She is a whirlwind a force of nature who impacts everyone she touches! Inspirational, aspirational, motivational Lena Cohen!


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